Museum for Early Cultures Heidelberg

Eleven-zone simulation model used to determine the sensitive and latent heating and cooling power required per zone
Client: Vermögen und Bau Baden-Württemberg

Daycare Center, Karlsruhe

Residential building / daycare center; the building will be carbon-neutral. Consulting regarding energy design; primary energy balances; controlling r... more
Client: Evangelische Kirche Karlsruhe
Architect: Eichinger + Schöchlin, Waghäusel
Wine Storage Offenburg

Transient thermal simulation analysing heating and cooling energy demand; taking into account the thermal behaviour of the ground and millions of bott... more
Client: Edeka Südwest eG
Architect: Müller + Huber, Oberkirch

Study: Energy demand of residential building types

Simulation study regarding heating energy demand and thermal comfort for different construction materials and levels of insulation; transient thermal ... more
Client: LfU Augsburg
EINC Heidelberg

Calculations regarding natural buoyancy driven air flow through an atrium; volume flowrates depend on dimensioning and location of the openings involv... more
Client: Vermögen und Bau Baden Württemberg
MEYER WERFT GmbH Technology Center, Papenburg

Transient thermal simulation to determine thermal commfort and cooling loads in two office room types using concrete core activation
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